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Mobeats Culture


Mobeats Culture

A few months ago, a client asked us for help to re-engineer their core software and also add a list of new features. The trust the client was giving us in this project made us feel very proud.

As in all the projects we undertake, our commitment and involvement was activated instantly and we put ourselves in NINJA mode … “that is how we are nicknamed in the market when we activate our RESCUE TEAM !!” As is well known, maintaining a legacy software has some challenges much more complex than making software from 0.

To begin to understand

Why was such a pattern chosen?

What was the basis of this design decision?

And many times there is no one to ask … because the original developers are no longer available.

The team began to work and difficulties were appearing along the way. The project’s tech lead approached with its frustrated face looking for my help with fear of being scolded (based on their previous work experiences), because the task was requiring a lot time and we did not advance with the functionalities and as we all know the deadline someday it arrives.

At that time I emphasized that we should think solutions outside the box and alternative solutions, there is always something else to do and through question after question, the way was clarified with ideas from the team.

On Friday the tech lead came into the office happy and says “we are releasing features to production” was overjoyed, at that time I remembered the previous meetings, frustrated faces and I felt happy to trust and not scold, but happier because Now the tech lead understood that #mobeats work differently.

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